Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wish and Ipsum and Estima

1. No second blower.
2. Ok made quality - brand new CBU around RM150k.
3. Price around RM120k for 2004 made.
4. Can seat 7, but third row not really for adult.
5. With all seats up, not much space for luggage for long holiday.
6. Tall - car like (handles like car).
7. Made for less market - less volume, less quality? May be I'm wrong.
8. This model is positioned above Altis and below Camry in Toyota's product range.
9. I don't know if Wish ever won any award.
10. Basic comfort (NVH).
11. Good fuel economy at the expense of power?
12. 2nd and 3rd row when folded - give flat floor for bigger luggage.
13. Mini MPV same as Stream, Mazda 5, etc.

1. Got second blower.
2. Better made quality - brand new price CBU RM250k (the price difference is great compared to Wish - great difference in quality?).
3. Price difference only around RM15k compared to Wish of the same 2004 made, but Ipsum with 2.4cc engine and brand new price difference about RM100k.
4. Can seat 7 adults.
5. With all seats up, bigger space for luggage even if compared with Estima - because Ipsum has got underneath storage.
6. Slightly taller than Wish - still car like for handling.
7. This model is sold in many countries - better quality? I think so because more volume, and need to cater many safety requirements.
8. This model is positioned above Camry in Toyota's product range. The replacement (Toyota doesn't say so) - Mark X Zio is positioned even higher. If this is correct, what does it mean? Mark X Zio is like Merc R-class of Toyota.
9. Ipsum / Avensis Verso was the Best People Mover in Australia for 3 years till 2003 until it was snapped up by the current Oddysey.
10. Good comfort (NVH).
11. Good fuel economy and good power to weight ratio.
12. 2nd and 3rd row when folded - give flat floor for bigger luggage and still have underneath storage.
13. Proper MPV same as Oddysey, Grandis.

1. Got second blower.
2. This is the more expensive of all, quality should be no issue.
3. Brand new CBU price is around RM280k, right?
4. Can seat up to 8 adults.
5. All seats up, bigger storage than Wish but not Ipsum.
6. Tall MPV - not car like handling.
7. This model is also sold in many countries - quality is proven issue.
8. I don't know where Estima is positioned but definitely higher than Wish / Ipsum but lower than Alphard?
9. No need award - proven model already.
10. I have no idea of NVH for this but logic tells me that it should be better than Wish / Ipsum.
11. Good fuel economy at the expense of power (for 2.4 cc)?
12. No versatile luggage carrying.
13. Bigger MPV - same as Naza Ria.


abah said...

Good comparison...Time for me to decide.

What about servicing/spare parts ?


Mobile Blogger said...

Hi abah,

The same applies to all the above, easily serviceable and parts not a problem.

abah said...

Hmmm...looking around Klang Valley, 2004 Ipsum 2.4 is between 120k to 130k. The price is still quite high for a 5 years old MPV.

My budget is RM120k top, will I get a decent 2.4 Ipsum?

Dennis said...

Congratulations on your Ipsum drive to KT and Kuantan.
There have been a lot of reports about Ipsum being a top target for car thieves and hijackers in Malaysia.
I am wondering how safe it is to drive in an Ipsum as I am considering to buy one in Malaysia for the family.
Any advice to prevent the car from being stolen? I have been following your blog and noticed that you have owned this Ipsum for a while and enjoying the car.
Thanks, Dennis.

Mobile Blogger said...

Abah, I hope you would be able to get a decent Ipsum. I think Ipsum's price is highly negotiable since the demand for it is not as high as Wish or Estima. My Ipsum's original pricing was RM138k and I got RM123k. Try not show your genuine interest on it.

Dennis, yes I'm still glad that I bought the Ipsum. I do not think that Ipsum is in hotlist of stolen vehicle since many does not like its look. But I have heard stolen car case involving Ipsum. I felt safe driving the Ipsum. Many after market products can help your worry like CAPTOR which can locate your car plus switching of the engine with your instruction.

Dennis said...

Thank you for sharing with me your experience with the Ipsum.
Is your Ipsum installed with CAPTOR? Do you know how much does a CAPTOR cost?
I heard car thieves nowadays just cart away your away, without having to start your engine or even open your car doors.
Even with CAPTOR, you are helpless by the time you discovered that your car is being towed away.
Anyway, it is good to read your experience in buying an Ipsum and it is tempting me to get an Ipsum soon, after hearing your wonderful experience with the car.

Mobile Blogger said...

Sorry Dennis, I cannot reveal the security measure installed in my Ipsum here.

You may visit CAPTOR's website for contact particulars http://www.netstar.com.my/. I know that they have a towing/lift sensor.

Ipsum is not for everybody but give it a proper consideration if you're hunting for an MPV!

Dennis said...

Sorry to have asked a sensitive question. I can understand why it is sensitive after visiting www.netstar.com.my. Ha ha! you must have thought Dennis is one car hijacker! It is hilarious though after reading the website and I would have reacted the same way as you.

Thanks for the information on CAPTOR.

Thank you
Kim Heng

Mobile Blogger said...

Hi Kim Heng,

I trust you. No problem. It is the devil inside you and everyone else who are reading here which I'm worried of.. hehehe...